Bleach is really good for the first 20 or so volumes. After that it just sort of loses its way. There are some cool moments for sure but, the anime especially, takes way too long to tell a story. Great production values though. » 3/23/13 11:28pm 3/23/13 11:28pm

Don't give up man, you'll get it! If you get frustrated, step back from the game for a bit and take a break. Like the others said, check out the Monster Hunter Wiki. I just happened into it today and learned something about my weapon that I didn't realize at all (Long Sword has a special attack that is charged by… » 3/23/13 12:17am 3/23/13 12:17am

As many others have said in the past, I really want them to do Japan samurai stuff. It looks like the next Vita game will be that though since it is reportedly called Rising Sun. Makes sense to me at least. » 3/22/13 2:35pm 3/22/13 2:35pm

Yup, just depends on the item. Games usually don't drop in price much but you can usually preorder movies or books at up to half the price they will be eventually. Usually it is like 2/3's the price though. » 3/17/13 10:12pm 3/17/13 10:12pm

Sounds to me like he needs new friends. Other than you. If any friend would abandon someone because they feel like they need help and need to stop being around that stuff, they aren't really a friend at all. » 3/17/13 5:31pm 3/17/13 5:31pm

My 60 GB one died a couple years ago and it was really sad. I miss my PS2 games. I've kept it to send to Sony eventually though. 100.00 to fix seems like a lot but at least if they mess it up they will fix it again for free. » 3/17/13 3:39pm 3/17/13 3:39pm