Which of the following Manga should I start reading?

Hunter x Hunter


Blue Exorcist




I have always wanted to get in to Hunter x Hunter but have never had a real idea what it is about. I think the weird Cell/bug bad guy is cool looking though and I enjoyed Yu Yu Hakusho a ton.

Toriko drew me in for a while but I got out because I wanted to actually purchase the volumes. I think it is one of the best manga in years that will likely be a huge force in the future.

Blue Exorcist I have no idea about. I know it is pretty popular right now though so I figured I would ask about it.

Bakuman is super interesting to me but I know the ending is pretty weak. I love the wild art in the series and how they use so many different techniques from comics/manga over the decades.


I love the Akira movie and know that a lot of people say the manga has a lot more to it. Maybe it is less confusing because you learn things over time rather than all at once? I would love to know if it is worth a read.

Monster is supposed to be amazing and I absolutely love 20th Century Boys.

So which should I choose? If you have any suggestions of your own be sure to throw them in as well!